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Onward, Erotica!

Posted by Robert G. PIelke on January 29, 2013 at 11:45 AM

Haven’t we pretty much heard it all, by now? What more is to be said about the “legal battles” to protect and preserve our First Amendment rights to express ourselves as we wish and to associate with whomever we wish? I don’t mean to suggest that legal battles are unimportant or should in any way be curtailed! Oh no! For the foreseeable future, they are absolute necessity.

My peeve is that such legal dances are all defensive! They are really not making any progress toward total and complete social, political, legal and, yes, moral acceptance. A pipe dream, you say? Why? With this kind attitude, you might as well concede everything to our opponents. It would imply giving up any pretense that what we are doing is not only legally our right, but morally our right as well. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to concede the “high moral ground”! Aren’t you sick and tired of "eroticists" being called “smut peddlers,” “merchants of trash,” “pornographers” and the like? The appellation “Adult material,” is hardly better! [Most movies are “adult material” too, regardless of their rating.

It’s time to move beyond the mere protection of our position to the attack! Erotica is just as morally worthy as any other facet of life. It belongs in the list that includes esthetics [with which it is often confused], education, religion, entertainment [another phenomenon with which it is often confused,] and yes, damnit, the family!

Everyone, and I do mean everyone quite literally, has their own notion as to the erotic and there should be no shame associated with such preferences. And, of course, they are all quite different. The often unexpressed hopes and desires of each of us is to find others who share the same general erotic outlook as we do.

Of course most of us are offended by tastes that differ from our own. But, that's life, and the First Amendment gives us -- or recognizes -- our right to offend. [Note: This no way should be understood to be a right to harm. That's a different critter and another discussion.]

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