Bob Pielke's Blogified Blathering   

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The Wonderous Words of the Worldly Wise Wizard of Whimsy, Whatnot and Waste. 

Bob Pielke is here contemplating the various literary and scandalous works of art that he has already created as well as those in need of creation. 

In the Whimsy category, he has focused on time-travel and alternate history novels. He has helped populate the Whatnot field with scholarly ravings and rants about rock music and revolution. As Waste material, he has lept headlong into the regions of social, political and religious satire.

What is remarkable about this photo, taken hundreds of months ago, is the fact that he seems reasonably sober. (Ok, maybe not so sober. In fact he is quite blasted.)

Here we see  him as he is today -- or at a time in reasonable proximity to "today." Although the resemblance between the two photos is obvious, so are some of the ravages of father and mother time.

Here is not not contemplating much of anything. Nor is he at this moment "blasted."

He is, however, planning to rectify both of these omissions as soon as possible.